We are a group of 3D artists, who are creating 3D printable miniatures and terrain for tabletop games. Our models are compatible with games, like DnD, Pathfinder, Warhammer and more. https://www.patreon.com/epic_miniatures With your help and support, we will hopefully achieve our goal to work full time on Epic Miniatures and create much more awesome miniature models and terrain. By supporting us on Patreon you are helping us to archive our dreams. Thank you for your support!


I'm a miniature sculptor who has been sculpting for the past 11 years and past 5 years professionally within miniatures. I am accompanied by Shane, who creates ideas and concepts for me to realise as miniatures. He has a huge visual library, and i have have the speed to make this kind of thing happen. So lets make some art!

We want to create unique and themed designs, based off some of the more popular modules surrounding the tabletop world, and have some of your ideas influence our designs and the direction we move.

We try and focus on the needs of many rather than the needs of the few, so if you make a suggestion based on something that is going on in your own personal campaign and its a bit niche, and abstract. It might not happen. But, feel free to mention it anyway, we've created sets based on popular films/shows based on what someone has mentioned, might light a spark!